Vision Statement

The structural engineer's responsibility to design a building that meets code and life safety standards must be integrated into the aesthetic and functional characteristics that the architecture desires. Additionally, construction costs are critical to the viability of a project. Therefore, producing a design that maximizes structure efficiency is essential. We believe the ability to provide a design that meets all of these demands is the essence of good structural engineering.


Structural Engineers Incorporated (SEI) is a structural design and consulting firm. SEI specializes in the design of commercial and residential building projects and the remodel and seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings. SEI provides complete consulting services, including analysis and design preparation of construction documents and construction administration services. SEI also provides risk assessment services including the preparation of Structural Due Diligence evaluations and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) reports. Our engineers are experienced in designing structures using steel, concrete, masonry and timber.   Our portfolio includes a wide range of building projects including office, research and development, manufacturing, industrial, educational, institutional, healthcare, warehouse/distribution, apartments, entertainment, retail, and single family residences. SEI is adequately staffed to accommodate projects ranging from single building component consultations to the design of large corporate campuses.

Project Approach

Initially, SEI works with the project architect and owner to develop a structural concept that integrates the architectural aesthetic and functional requirements with the most appropriate structural system. Our initial systems analysis considers the design requirements that the other project consultants, including mechanical, civil, electrical, and landscaping may have on the structural system. SEI encourages participation from the owner to better insure that the structural design contributes to an overall building cost that meets with the owner's construction budget expectations. SEI's fundamental obligation is to provide the project team with adequate structural information to allow the team to collectively formulate a structural approach that is best suited for the project.

SEI believes that it is essential to prepare complete, coordinated and thoroughly detailed construction documents. "Time is of the essence" in the construction industry and SEI is committed to meeting project design schedules and to providing timely service to the general contractor during the construction administration process. Cost certainty and the avoidance of cost overruns during construction are best avoided when the design documents are well detailed.

SEI recognizes that the general contractor and his subcontractors can provide valuable input into the structural details of construction. We continually solicit suggestions from these disciplines in order to strive for simplicity and constructability in our designs while maintaining design standards consistent with the building codes and standard of care in the industry. This project approach has enabled SEI to establish and maintain relationships with architects, owners and contractors that have remained strong since its formulation nearly 20 years ago.